Born in Luoyang and raised in Seattle, I am a brand strategist, curator, and creative based in New York City.

Both personally and professionally, I am obsessed with using language and imagery to create resonance in new ways.



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For work ︎︎︎ I am passionate about leveraging brand strategy to help companies achieve unparalleled growth, in particular by architecting language and visuals to create brand narratives that truly resonate with consumers. I am currently freelancing out of WORLD STUDIOS and am open to full-time roles as a junior brand strategist at a fast-paced creative agency or studio, or as an in-house brand manager.

Previously, I was head of growth / social media + content producer at IYK, an early-stage tech startup. At IYK, I led all things content strategy, social media marketing, and copywriting in order to establish our brand identity and grow our digital presence across multiple channels.

For play ︎︎︎ You can find me heading to dance class, experimenting with photography, musing on brand here, and desperately trying to maintain my Duolingo streak. 

A few things I’m inspired and intrigued by: solo travel, visual culture in the digital age, non-Latin type design, slow fashion, fast-paced cities, internet communities, and cafe rituals around the world.


For a more detailed copy of my resume, please inquire here.


WORLD STUDIOS • Founder / Freelance Brand Strategist (2023 - Present)
New York, NY

IYK • Head of Growth / Social Media + Content Producer (2022 - 2023)
New York, NY

Everyday Humans • Brand Ambassador (2022 - 2023)
New York, NY

HQ, a Digital Currency Group subsidiary • Operations Analyst (2021 - 2022)
New York, NY + Stamford CT

Partiful • Brand Ambassador (2021 - 2022)
Washington, DC

Deloitte Consulting • Analyst, Strategy Consulting (2020 - 2021)
Washington, DC

The Dali Lab • User Experience Designer (2018 - 2019)
Hanover, NH + Lima, Perú

Stepping Stones China • Research Intern (2018)
Shanghai, China

The Make Art, Not War Exhibit / معرض أصنع فنا وليس حربا • Co-founder + Curator (2015 - 2018)
Seattle, WA


Dartmouth College (2016 - 2020)
Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies + Economics, coursework in design
Hanover, NH

Brainstation (2023)
Certificate, Digital Marketing
Vancouver, BC

Superhi (2023)
Certificate, Visual Design + Branding
New York, NY


English (Native) / العربية (Intermediate) / 中文 (Intermediate beginner) / Español (Beginner)


2022 — 2023  

Backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Collab+Currency, IYK is an early-stage technology company bridging the physical and digital worlds.

As IYK’s head of growth + social media and content producer, I led our 4-person content team in developing our overarching content strategy, spearheaded social media marketing efforts across all platforms, built our verbal brand, served as lead copywriter and editor for brand writing, and worked closely with our creative director on brand-building efforts.

Content strategy
Content creation
Social media marketing
Verbal brand identity + brand voice

Stealth AI Startup

I helped the co-founders of an early-stage AI startup to crystallize their foundational brand strategy. To hone in on the company’s north star, I first led the client through a series of brand therapy exercises, which enabled us to clearly articulate the company’s value proposition, brand values, and vision for the future.

Next, I conducted a SWOT analysis of their competitors’ brand identities and product offerings. I used these insights to help the client select brand attributes, design sensibilities, and a tone of voice that would simultaneously appeal to consumers while remaining true to the brand’s core mission. Based on these directives, I then created the brand’s first type system, proposed adjustments to their existing color palette, wrote and edited product copy, provided actionable feedback on brand and product naming, and advised the design team on the visual direction that the brand could pursue.

Though the company is still young, my work with the client enabled them to clearly identify their “brand heart” and what makes them unique from the get-go, allowing them to continually differentiate themselves in an ever-saturated market.

Brand identity
Visual direction

Futura Fae •

I was commissioned by Kendra Washington / Futura Fae, the founder of the futurist project Future Femme Text, to design her personal links site.

Based on Kendra’s moodboard and artistic sensibilities, I created 3 iterations of the site, each incorporating her feedback and drawing inspiration from Y2K iconography, vaporwave graphics, and nostalgic technology. The final design emulates a desktop screen from the early 2000s, featuring a dynamic background and draggable icons linked to websites that are meaningful to Kendra.

Acting as a portal into Kendra’s dreamy brand world, this site serves as an extension of her creative persona and a glimpse into the vision of Futura Fae.

Creative direction
Web design