born in luoyang, raised in seattle, and currently based in new york city, i am a digital explorer and creative with past experience at companies spanning shanghai, dc, lima, peru, and mukalla, yemen.

both personally and professionally, i love exploring the roles that brand and language play in creating cultural resonance.


© makisa bronson 2023, made in new york city.


born in luoyang, raised in seattle, and currently based in new york city, i am a digital explorer with past experience at companies spanning shanghai, san francisco, dc, lima, and al-mukalla.

both personally and professionally, i am obsessed with using language, brand, and strategy to create resonance in new ways.

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© makisa bronson 2023, made in the city


for work → i build creative and business strategies for consumer cos.

for play → you can find me exploring new coffee shops, heading to dance class, creating moodboards, vlogging, desperately trying to maintain my duolingo streak, and reading any travel- + design-related literature that i can get my hands on.


as a creative + operator, i am passionate about leveraging brand, editorial, and business strategy to grow ventures in the consumer space.

presently, i am a social media + content producer at iyk, a company using nfc + blockchain tech to bridge the digital and physical worlds. in my role, i spearhead initiatives spanning social media marketing, content strategy, and copywriting in order to grow our brand presence and voice. i am also a digital assets investor at the symmetrical, a new york-based investment syndicate.

previously, i worked:
↳ in operations at a stealth subsidiary of the digital currency group;
↳ in strategy consulting as part of deloitte’s public sector division;
↳ in design at the dali lab; and 
↳ as a brand ambassador for brands like partiful and everyday humans; and 
↳ in social impact at various startups + ngos.

prior to starting my professional career, i graduated from dartmouth college with a b.a. in middle eastern studies & economics. during my time at dartmouth, i was also selected to participate in stanford university’s american-middle eastern network for dialogue at stanford (amends) fellowship, which honors builders + social entrepreneurs catalyzing concrete social and economic development in the mena region and beyond.



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“so strove i with wonder — how to fit the image to the sphere... high fantasy lost power and here broke off, and as a wheel in a smooth motion whirs, my will and my desire were turned above by love that moves the sun and all the stars.”  — paradiso 33, dante

“our goal should be to live life in radical amazement… get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually. to be spiritual is to be amazed.”  — rabbi abraham joshua heschel

“ludlow street, nyc. 2011/2012. can’t remember. i was coming off of years of dancing and unsure what to do with myself. i was going through the motions, without fully committing to anything. the thing is, it’s taken almost 6 years to start to listen in again. to start to commit fully, to move forward with certainty knowing that i’m being guided. as soon as we start to define the timing of things, we SLOW the process down. we start to take lengthy detours without realizing that we’re going the wrong way! give yourself time to let emotions and question move through you and and excite you. these things are coming up to guide you to where you need to be; don’t rush the process... trust that everything’s happening exactly as it should, and in perfect time.” — @vzbree


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