For work ︎︎︎ I am passionate about leveraging brand strategy to help companies achieve unparalleled growth, in particular by architecting language and visuals to create brand narratives that truly resonate with consumers. I am currently freelancing out of WORLD STUDIOS and am open to full-time roles as a junior brand strategist at a fast-paced creative agency or studio, or as an in-house brand manager.

Previously, I was head of growth / social media + content producer at IYK, an early-stage tech startup. At IYK, I led all things content strategy, social media marketing, and copywriting in order to establish our brand identity and grow our digital presence across multiple channels.

For play ︎︎︎ You can find me heading to dance class, experimenting with photography, musing on brand here, and desperately trying to maintain my Duolingo streak. 

A few things I’m inspired and intrigued by: solo travel, visual culture in the digital age, non-Latin type design, slow fashion, fast-paced cities, internet communities, and cafe rituals around the world.