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curriculum vitae

as a growth operator working full-time in crypto, i am passionate about leveraging blockchain to build a more socioeconomically equitable world, in particular by using blockchain to generate robust economic value for people of color and other marginalized individuals and onboarding more people into crypto in the process.

presently, i am head of growth at iyk, a consumer company using blockchain to bridge the digital and physical worlds, as well as a digital assets investor at the symmetrical, a new york-based investment syndicate. previously, i worked in operations at the digital currency group, in strategy consulting as part of deloitte’s public sector division, and in social impact at numerous startups + nonprofits spanning sf, new york, shanghai, lima, and more.

/ experience

growth @ iyk / new york, ny
investments @ the symmetrical / new york, ny

operations @ the digital currency group / new york, ny

strategy consulting @ deloitte / washington, dc
design @ the dali lab / hanover, nh

/ crypto + web3 rabbithole
boys’ club crypto ✦ fwb ✦ pactdaoshefiarkivedao ✦ the blockchain acceleration foundationweb3baddies ✦ crypto college ✦ kernel block 5 @ gitcoin“listen to the crypto converts”, quartz (2021)

/ education
dartmouth college / bachelor of arts, middle eastern studies & economics
stanford university / fellowship, the american-middle eastern network for dialogue @ stanford

/ languages
english — native
mandarin chinese — beginner intermediate
modern standard arabic — beginner intermediate
spanish — beginner

/ random facts

i once won a company-wide hula hoop contest!
i studied chinese dance for 15 years and have also studied ballet, cuban salsa, and dominican bachata on the side.
some of my all-time favorite coffee shops + cafes include 咖啡地带 (shanghai), egg (shanghai), a baked joint (dc), slipstream coffee (dc), la panadería rosetta (mexico city), la marzocco (seattle), bakeri (williamsburg), le paris dakar (bedstuy), and four barrel coffee (sf).

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